When moving to a new city, it's only natural to have a few queries and concerns. To ease the transition, here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about life in Miami.

Do I need to know Spanish?

Foreigners will easily get by with English, but knowing Spanish will certainly help. More people speak Spanish than English in the city and everything from advertisements, to radio programmes, to streetside conversations are in Spanish. Business is often conducted in Spanish and when dealing with the many international Latin American companies based in the area, speaking the language will be an advantage. Newcomers will therefore do well to learn Spanish. 

How hot is it?

Miami's temperatures don't usually get unbearably hot. July or August are the warmest months, averaging below 90°F (32°C). Winter months are cooler but are rather mild and temperatures never drop to freezing levels. 

What are the best areas for newcomers to live in Miami? 

There are many wonderful areas in Miami that are popular among foreigners. Newcomers should consider their preferences for lifestyle, distance from the city centre, the amenities available nearby and their budget when selecting a neighbourhood. While certain areas such as Brickell, South Beach and Bay Harbour offer luxury accommodation options and tend to house the city's more wealthy residents, Little Havana is home to the young and hip and is more budget friendly. See Areas and Suburbs in Miami for more information. 

Do I need to be concerned about hurricanes?

In the case of an approaching hurricane, the government will make sure residents are kept up to date on weather conditions and imminent evacuations. Homeowners may want to purchase hurricane insurance and residents are encouraged to have an evacuation kit with essential portable items ready.