Originally built around Dommel, Gender and Tongelreep rivers, Eindhoven lies in the south of the Netherlands, in the province of North Brabant. As a driving force for innovation and art, expats are continually drawn to Eindhoven.

Thanks to the presence of electronics giant, Philips, which was founded here in 1891, the city has earned the nickname of ‘Lichtstad’, the City of Light. This modern city has become known as a centre for technology and design, showcased in its many museums, art galleries and events. The annual GLOW Festival, for example, is a top-rated event where artistic light installations illuminate various buildings and structures.

It’s clear to see that Eindhoven is a popular destination for expats working in the high-tech sector as well as art and design jobs. The district of Strijp-S exemplifies this atmosphere: where technology meets art and where old meets new; as a former industrial district, Strijp-S has transformed into a trendy neighbourhood attracting a hipster culture.

Of course, expats from all walks of life relocate to Eindhoven, the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands. Eindhoven is also a university city and many international students move here to study at a prestigious tertiary institution such as Eindhoven University of Technology or Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

With a focus on education, expat parents with children moving to Eindhoven will find a high standard of learning facilities in public schools. However, schooling options for children who can't speak Dutch are limited and there's only one English-speaking international school in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven's excellent infrastructure, efficient transport system and high-quality healthcare all contribute to the city's great quality of life. Despite being an industrial city, expats may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of lush green spaces and recreational areas to enjoy. Thanks to the many students who call Eindhoven home, the city also hosts a great social scene.

However, living here does come at a price – expats looking for accommodation in the city centre will need to budget accordingly, find a flatshare option to split the rental costs or live in a surrounding area or suburb and commute into the centre.

New arrivals who relocate to Eindhoven may need to overcome some initial hurdles, such as finding a home or the best school for their children. Fortunately, for most, integration into this Dutch city is smooth thanks to the vibrant and welcoming lifestyle.