There are quality healthcare options in Guangzhou, including several hospitals that are up to international healthcare standards. These are generally in the private sector and expats tend to avoid the lower standard of care provided by public hospitals.

Doctors at private hospitals in Guangzhou often have overseas training. Most hospitals catering to expats require a registration fee for a patient to receive care.

Expats moving to Guangzhou are strongly encouraged to have insurance with a local or international insurance provider. Healthcare in China might cost less than private hospitals overseas, but it is still expensive.

It's important for account holders to confirm that their health insurance provider authorises their hospital of choice. Expats using local insurance should keep in mind that some hospitals in Guangzhou only recognise certain insurance companies. This means that to avoid the costs, expats should check whether the hospital recognises their insurance before receiving treatment.

Below is a list of recommended hospitals in Guangzhou.

Private hospitals in Guangzhou

CanAm International Medical Center

Address: 5F Garden Tower, Garden Hotel, 368 Huanshi Donglu, Guangzhou

EurAm International Medical Centre

Address: 1F Ocean Pearl Building, 15 Hua Li Lu, Zhu Jiang New Town

Guangzhou United Family Hospital

Address: 31 Pazhou Avenue, Haizhu District