There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Kennesha Bell is an American living and working abroad in Qatar. She is entering her fifth year in Qatar and is happy that she decided to throw caution to the wind and live on optimism. Life without taking chances is normal and normal is boring, she says. Check out Kennesha's blog, American Teacher… Read more
Firstly, there are certain key questions to ask from the outset and these answers will dictate the best method of setting up a company in Qatar:  What is your activity and where is your target market? Do you need a physical presence, are you selling products or services? Do you have a… Read more
Expats coming from Western countries may find the Islamic public holidays in Qatar confusing when they first move to the country. The most important thing to understand is that the dates of the holidays are subject to change based on sightings of the moon   It is also worthwhile to note that the… Read more
Rima Obaid moved with her husband to Qatar from Jordan just over a decade ago. They moved to advance their careers in engineering and human resources, but have made Doha their home and are now raising their children in that city.  About Rima Q: Where are you originally from?  A: Jordan… Read more
Velvet is an Australian expat living in Qatar with her husband. They moved to Doha when she pursued a job opportunity as a Managing Editor of a publication. Despite the dust and the unpredictable drivers, Velvet enjoys life in Qatar; with the best part of living in Qatar being her job. Velvet… Read more
Helen is an Australian expat living in Doha with her husband, Kim, and their little Maltese dog, Suzie. Having lived in Dubai before moving to Qatar, Helen admits that she enjoys life in Qatar more than she did life in the UAE. With a bird's eye view and a humorous twist, she shares her insights… Read more
Victoria is a British expat who moved to Qatar with her husband when he got a job in the aviation sector in Doha. They have been in Qatar for over three years now, and despite missing the green of the UK, she enjoys the Qatar sunshine and the child-friendly nature of Doha. Victoria is a freelance… Read more
The follies and triumphs of one British family’s transition to Qatar. There I was, sitting in a rather boring training session one morning in rainy, old Manchester, wondering how long it would be to coffee break, when my phone buzzes and there’s a text from my darling… Read more
Rajka Milanovic M.D. is an American Board Certified Family Physician with over 14 years of clinical experience. She also runs a blog, Expat Doctor Mom. Read more expat experiences of Qatar, and see the full Qatar expat guide About Rajka Q: Where are you originally from? A: Cleveland,… Read more
Oliver Moritz moved to Qatar more than 6 years ago; a time when the Middle East was a mere blip on the global screen of lucrative expat destinations. Now married and well-ingrained in life with the locals, he shares his unique experiences in the emirate.  Read more expat experiences of Qatar, and… Read more
Yogesh Pagar is a seeker of the simple, the spiritual and essentially the enriching experiences that can help us through the more critical moments in life. As a long-time affiliate of the travel industry he moved to Qatar in 2007 as an atypical expat – an ordinary man in search of an extraordinary… Read more