Many expats will say that the key to staying sane in Mumbai is spending plenty of time outside of the city. So, when Mumbai's bedlam gets too much, expats can recharge their batteries by heading to one of the many easily-accessed getaway spots.

A weekend break from Mumbai can take the form of anything from golfing and wine tasting, to exploring ancient caves or lush forests and sunbathing on the beach. 

Recommended weekend breaks from Mumbai


This quaint hill station on top of the Sahyadri mountain range is a great escape for those in need of fresh air and a glimpse of greenery; it's a true antithesis to Mumbai and automobiles are prohibited. Attractions include walking paths in the forest, dozens of lookout points, and picturesque horseback rides.

Aamby Valley City

A true escape from the city, Aamby Valley is a picture of rolling hills, flower beds and plenty of nature. It's not without modern conveniences, however; well-appointed chalets and villas, restaurants, spas, indoor sports, swimming pools and an 18-hole golf course are all available and easy to access. 


Murud, situated 145 miles (230km) south of Mumbai by road, features a pretty beach, an island fortress and the Ahmedganj Palace. To make a real trip of it, travel all the way down the coastline by car, enjoying the sea views.

Ajanta Caves

Those after a bit of cultural heritage can board an overnight train or short flight to Aurangabad and visit the caves of Ajanta. The Ajanta Caves house important Buddhist paintings and sculptures dating back to the second century BC. This World Heritage Site attracts tourists from around the globe.