As a result of the volatile security situation, expats relocating to Iraq should not expect to travel unless it is deemed absolutely necessary by their employer. In this case, expats can expect to be transported by helicopter or armoured vehicle.

Public transport in Iraq

Public transport in Iraq is very limited and should not be used by foreigners due to the security risks involved. Much of the transport infrastructure was destroyed during the war. The metro, buses and shared taxis are used by locals in the major cities, but these systems are not formalised and are unreliable.

Driving in Iraq

Expats living in Iraq do not often drive themselves and are typically transported by armoured vehicles or by a local driver. Travelling at night is to be avoided, especially in city centres.

Military checkpoints are in operation and if the vehicle is stopped, expats may find that they are regarded with suspicion. To avoid conflict or misunderstandings, expats should follow any orders given by officials.